Who/What is Illustrated Zelda?

I’m a longtime professional, on-staff wordsmith (broad publishing experience); a more-recent, semi-professional illustrator; and a drinks-industry professional (WSET-Dip).

I also work in acrylic paint, and you can see a time-lapse painting on my Instagram @alphabetzelda (my previous 1300-follower account was censored off the platform). I now only use Instagram personally with friends, and for political discussion. As an alter-ego, I manage the account for a candidate of the People’s Party of Canada (the only political party in Canada supporting Canadian Constitutional rights and freedoms, and opposing all mandates).

Like many longtime, working wordsmiths I have broad publishing experience: books, newspapers, peer-reviewed medical journals, magazines, fiction, nonfiction books, web, hard copy. Every possible subject category. Published work under my name, under pseudonyms, and anonymously as a hired-gun ghostwriter of 12 adult nonfiction print books. I’ve published, edited, assistant-edited, managing-edited, staff-written, and staff-reported/photographed.

I earned a national award for arctic oil-and-gas resource writing (living in Canada’s far north). My romance fiction was anthologized in book format in US and UK and translated into multiple languages. I sat on the board of the Canadian Editors’ Association (Montreal). I taught English in France at CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) and Airbus while living in Toulouse with my husband.

I’m enjoying researching, building, and creating illustrated alphabets (two of which I versed). Online readers have enjoyed my alphabets, and my favorite comment was for letter A of my Illustrated ‘Mental Illness is a Pharma Fiction’ Alphabet (the result of my deep research into the psychiatry industry after one of my children was vaccine-injured):

“The #writhing #electric discharge #piercing through everything is #perfect…with a thin pale veneer that lays on top of it all…excellent. The way it holds onto you like a #wetpower cord; it will never let you let it go. This thing of yours has legs. I was just rereading #statusanxiety by #AlaindeBotton…”

I’ve basked in the warmth of reader critiques: “amazing”, “brilliant”, “original”, “innovative”, and “fantastic”. [Full-hearted gratitude.] My work might flip your perspective and make you celebrate its in-box pop.

What do I plan to post?

I expect to begin by reposting my five illustrated alphabets that have been homeless as I moved my work around (it’s hard finding an appropriate digital home for artwork). I love the challenge of illustrated alphabets – hand lettering, illustrating, creating visual puns, and all within the parameters of a single theme – and expect to do more.

Why illustration?

My movement into illustration emerged from a second career as a drinks-industry professional (WSET-Dip). I began illustrating and cartooning on wine and spirits, and my work was featured on many drinks blogs, including James Beard-awarded Wine Folly. Eventually I innovated/invented animated tasting-notes, which attracted a Forbes feature by industry-known wine writer, Cathy Huyghe.

Eventually, the [wine-]‘box’ of drinks-industry writing was confining, and I began illustrating other subject categories. A hand-lettered children’s illustration earned a prize from industry-famous, New York Lilla Rogers Studio.

I’ll republish existing work so it has a home; and also publish new work. My aim is always to create innovative work that pushes the boundaries of the craft.

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